Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Dreaded Post


I've needed to update for quite a while. I've been dreading this post, mainly because new things keep happening and it's just more to update everyone on. Our life has totally changed! I'm no exaggerating!

I'll update y'all as quick and easily as possible.

We visited Janer and Allan in May! California was AWESOME!!! We had such a great time. We got to see baby James in JG's sweet belly. Now he is here and alive and healthy!

- We got back from Cali and a couple of weeks later, we had big news. We were moving.... again!  Luckily. this time it is for a while. :) Dane accepted a new job at Jimmy Sanders, Inc. in supply chain. We are officially homeowners and officially living in Cleveland, MS!

- Life kept on changing. At first, we decided for me to finish up at RTS in Jackson and see Dane on the weekends. Doubt set in pretty quickly. After a lot of thinking, we chose to take another route.  I withdrew from RTS and enrolled at Delta State in Cleveland. Here, some of my credits were transferred (not all....) and I will be finishing up in School Counseling! I also got a graduate assistant position in the counseling lab. I am enjoying it so far! In the end, I'll have like 1.5 Master's degrees haha

- We have had a good bit of ups and downs since we've moved. One in particular was the loss of our friend Porter. Porter was one of Dane's best friends growing up. They lived down the street from each other on Poplar and I knew about Porter almost from day 1 of our dating. Porter has a big piece of Dane that I'll never get to know. I know that I have heard so many Porter and Dane stories from when they were little. They were so bad! But of course, so cute! 

Porter, you will always be missed. There is a large hole in our hearts and on Poplar, but know that the sting is just a daily reminder of you. We love you!

- We also got a new puppy! Buddy is the newest member of our family :) Bea loves having a playmate! He is currently recovering from a broken leg. Poor thing!

- We also have a few new babies in our lives! Margot DeWeese, James Bledsoe, and Stella Buford!

Me and Stella

I know there is so much more to catch y'all up on, but this is enough for now! Love to everyone :)

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